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By offering customized jewelry options, Orlando Jewelers gives you the chance to design and create your own masterpiece.  You can create one-of-a-kind jewelry for yourself or for that person in your life that deserves something special.  

Perhaps the most important and difficult decision to make, when dreaming up your ideal necklace, earrings, or ring, is: which gemstones or gemstone to include.  There are a great many options, and the qualifications go much farther than color.  When you are selecting gemstones for your customized jewelry, you want to be informed about your choices, and you want the best selection to choose from.  For a fine, vast selection of Orlando loose gemstones, you definitely want to start with Orlando Jewelers.

The most popular gemstone is, of course, the diamond.  Wouldn't it be amazing to personally select the diamond that will go into the engagement ring you're searching for?  Designing an engagement ring can make the experience more intimate and unique to the relationship that you are committing to.  

If you're not designing an engagement ring, diamonds are a classic choice for earrings and necklaces.  You can explore the color variations that diamonds provide by selecting a larger black diamond and surrounding it with smaller, pure diamonds.

A second loose gemstone to consider is the sapphire.  While you may be drawn to the stunning, pure blue of the classic loose sapphire, the sapphire can be found in a variety of colors.  In fact, you can find green, yellow, pink and purple sapphires.  Wouldn't a gorgeous set of violet sapphires look amazing, set into a sterling silver or white gold necklace?  Maybe you'd even want to throw in a few diamonds, for good measure.

A third loose gemstone, one which gives off a regal air and is also in the same species of gem as the sapphire, is the ruby.  Rubies can range in color from a rich, dark red to a luscious pink.  You can set an emerald-cut loose ruby in a yellow gold ring with an intricate design, to achieve a renaissance style.

Other loose gemstones that might catch your eye include opal, pearl, or gemstones in the beryl species, which includes aquamarine and emerald.

The cut is also an important feature of the loose gemstone that you choose.  One cut can work in many ways.  For instance, a round cut would be great for a diamond ring, a pair of ruby earrings, or an emerald necklace.  An emerald cut is a great way to make a gemstone stand out, in a ring and among other gemstones.  The classic princess cut is perfect for that diamond ring you're designing, or would be great with violet sapphires.

There are a lot of gemstones and cuts to choose from, with Orlando Jewelers.  If you're interested in customizing a piece of jewelry, they are the Orlando loose gemstone retailer you've been searching for.  Not only do they have an amazing selection of gemstones, they offer jewelry making services as well, so you can create your dream ring, necklace, or earrings, all in one place.

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