You have searched far and wide, or maybe in your local town, but now you have found the perfect person to share the rest of your life with. Nothing can be more fulfilling than knowing that you are no longer a party of one but now have a partner to share your moments with. Now the challenge is to find the right time, the right place, the right moment to ask for this person’s hand in marriage. This special moment requires the dazzle of a special ring and the professionals at Orlando Jewelers can help you select the right diamond cut for your band specifically designed to meet the taste of your beloved. Of all of the jewelry stores near me, this location has delivered years of excellent service to Orlando residents for years.


Perfect Ring For The One For Me

There is no greater expression of love in a piece of jewelry than that of one of nature’s most precious gifts, a diamond. A beautiful, well selected diamond is a token of love that can be appreciated for many generations to come. There are many factors that determine the quality of a diamond. The 4 C’s of a diamond include the cut, color, clarity and carat. Once you have found the perfect quality of diamond to match your taste, now it is time to select your perfect diamond cut.

When selecting a set of rings for a wedding, there are 3 pieces to consider. The engagement ring, the woman’s wedding band, and the man’s wedding band. It is a popular trend these days that the man’s band matched the woman’s band. Matching diamonds are included in both to help give off the wow factor when displaying this token of love for one another. Diamonds are a special expense and the professionals at Orlando Jewelers want to make sure that you are shown the best options and will help you design the perfect matching set.


How To Select The Right Diamond Cut

In the diamond industry, there are several diamond cuts that are considered when selecting the perfect style for your band.


  • Round Brilliant Cut– Also referred to as RBC or Classic designed in 1917 and is considered the most common of diamond cuts. This style is the most popular cut for engagements rings and is the style selected for more than 3/4ths of engagement rings sold. These round shapes are created with 58 cuts, or facets, and reflect light from the bottom and back through the diamond out to the top, creating that special sparkle that only a diamond can give.


  • Princess Cut– This diamond cut was designed in 1961 in London, England and is the square shaped diamond that can have as little as 49 to as many as 144 facets, depending on the size of the diamond. This shape is the second most popular shape for a solitaire ring.


  • Emerald Cut– Considered to be the more glamorous cut, this style is rectangular and contains long facets down the sides. The name of this shape derives from the popular shape of the exquisite emeralds of the 1920’s, and has been seen on most glamorous of women.


  • Marquise Cut- This cut is more of a combination of and oval and round shape with points on each side. This dramatic design was said to be inspired by the smile of Marquise de Pompadour one of King Louis XIV’s mistresses.


  • Oval- Slightly longer in shape than the round cut diamond, the oval shape has similar opportunity to produce a brilliant sparkle because its symmetry. This is a popular option for those with smaller hands and shorter fingers, as the longness of the oval helps to elongate the fingers.


  • Pear- By combining the shape of the oval and the marquis, this unique design resemble that of an elegant teardrop.
  • Heart- Difficult to pull off, this diamond shape is the most rarely selected but is still none the less an option for those looking to rock the official symbol of love.


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If you are still deciding on the ring type, make sure to casually drop in with your beloved to browse our selection. Make sure to have a professional size the ring finger and help you get an idea of the styles of ring you may be interested in. Orlando Jewelers is the best of the jewelry stores near me to offer competitive prices for quality diamonds and jewelry and will be sure to brighten this special moment in your life. Contact or visit us today!