When selecting an engagement ring, whether for your significant other or for yourself, it is important to keep in mind what different aspects are involved in selecting a ring. You cannot simply type “jewelers near me” into a search engine and expect to find quality and selection anywhere. You must keep in mind a number of factors affect what type of a ring you can purchase and it is crucial that you remember them as you move forward and select your ring. If you are looking for engagement rings for women, contact Orlando Jewelers for assistance in selecting the perfect ring for you or your loved one.


Know the 4 Cs


The four Cs of diamonds are color, cut, clarity, and carat. Color determines how close to colorless it is, the cut deals with the facets of the diamond, clarity says how many flaws are included in the diamond, and carat tells you how much the diamond weighs. All of these factors are important in selecting the diamond of your engagement ring. Once you determine what type of diamond you want—and can afford—you can move forward with considering the other aspects of the ring.


Choose a shape


Knowing the four Cs is not enough if you do not also know which shape you want your diamond to be cut in. Some cuts have more facets. In other words, they shine more brightly than other cuts. If this is important to you then you may consider a cut with more facets for a brighter and bolder impact; however, if you want something more unique. You may choose a more unusual cut. Whatever cut you decide, it will be certain to remain timeless long after you purchase it.


Select a metal


There are variety of metals to choose from and you are not just limited to gold for your engagement ring. Platinum may be an option, but you must also keep in mind what color you want your metal to be. With options like rose gold, traditional yellow gold, and silver out on the market, there are a number of combinations to consider in creating your perfect ring.


Figure out a setting


The setting is just as important as your diamond. The setting is the base for your diamond and can greatly impact the visual design of your ring. You may want your setting to be more elaborate and detailed or you may want something simpler to place the emphasis on the diamond itself. If you are uncertain about what type of setting would work best for you and your ring, and are also wondering what “jewelers near me” can help you figure out how to create the perfect ring. Contact Orlando Jewelers.


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