Few things express permanence and feeling in such an elegant, clear way as engraved jewelry. But what should you put on the jewelry? What you decide to engrave into jewelry is a highly personal choice depending on the situation, occasion, and who you want to engrave the jewelry for. There are so many ways to express every individual sentiment, and what you engrave on a present will imbue a sense of permanence in the message. Gifting and receiving gifts can be a very pleasurable experience as we practice our altruistic side and show our loved ones that we care about them. A heartfelt gift puts a cherry on top of the fact of receiving a gift, and what is more heartfelt than a permanent reminder of how much you love somebody? Engraving a gift can make it feel much more special. Many people appreciate inspirational quotes, and jewelry that is engraved with an inspirational quote can be always carried with them as a reminder of the quote. If you’re looking for “jewelry stores near me” in Orlando, head to Orlando Jewelers to engrave jewelry today.


Quotes For Your Loved Ones


An engraved message only has to mean something to receiver- whether it’s a date, a nickname, an inspirational quote, a reminder, or a classic “I Love You.” We at Orlando Jewelers can lend you some ideas for inspirational sayings as well as some other suggestions towards what you can tell your loved ones to remind them you care. Of course, the point of inspirational jewelry is to insert what is unique to your loved one. For your child, it can be the nickname you call them, or a family saying. For your sweetheart, maybe the name of the song you first danced together to, or the date of your first kiss. If it’s for yourself, maybe it’s a line of advice your father gave you. With engraving, the possibilities are endless. If you are looking for “jewelry stores near me” for engraving services, come to Orlando Jewelers to create custom engraving.


Engraved Jewelry Shows That You Care


What you engrave into jewelry, whether it’s for yourself or for somebody else, has special meaning to the person who will wear it as well as carrying the message of the sender. The ultimate message of engraved jewelry is that you care. There are quotes, however, that hold tre to all. For your closest friends, consider something like “No road is long with a good friend.” Or try something literal such as “you are my missing piece” on a necklace with a puzzle piece on it. For the bolder ones in life or those who have gone through the most adventures in life with you together, there is “Why the Hell not” and “In Life, the Best Days.” Sometimes the simple reminders like “I’m thinking of you” and “You’re perfect to me” will mean the world to your wife or lover. Inspirational quotes such as “No excuses,” or “Get your ass moving” can be perfect for the watch of somebody trying to test their ambitions at work. Whatever you decide to engrave, the fact you put the time and thought into having it done shows the receiver your affection and thought, and that is what matters in a present.


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Engraved jewelry is not only beautiful, but can be a constant and permanent reminder of love and affection. Taking the time to go get a piece of jewelry engraved can mean the world and show that you have put love and thought into the gift. If you are looking for “jewelry stores near me” in the Orlando area, call Orlando Jewelers today!