When it comes to jewelry, nothing has stood the test of time as much as jewelry made from gold. Gold jewelry has been treasured since ancient times, but when your gold pieces start to look like antiques, it may be time to get your jewelry cleaned. You can alway pay a visit to Orlando Jewelers, one of the jewelers near me in the Orlando area, to request a professional cleaning, or you can try to clean the pieces yourself.


Does Real Gold Tarnish?

It is a common misconception that if the gold pieces tarnish, then it must not be made of real gold. This misunderstanding comes from the truth the pure gold does not tarnish, or at least is more resistant to oxidation. Pure gold, however, is made up of 24 carats and is usually too soft to be incorporated into wearable jewelry. In order to make gold into wearable jewelry, it must be mixed with other metals, such as nickel or silver, which may oxidize more quickly. This is the reason that your real gold pieces, whether it is 14 carat or 18 carat gold, will become tarnished over time. Other factors that can contribute to tarnishing is the wearers own body chemistry and jewelry coming in to contact with hairspray, perfume, lotions, deodorants and other chemical.

Cleaning Methods To Clean Your Gold Jewelry

There are several reliable methods to cleaning jewelry at home. Here are a few that you can try yourself:


  • Dish Soap- The most simple and inexpensive way to clean jewelry, add one tablespoon of dish soap to a bowl of warm water and create suds. The bubbles in the suds will help to loosen and dirt and debris. Soak the jewelry for about 15 minutes. Take a toothbrush and scrub out any dirt or debris from the cracks and rinse with warm water. Lay jewelry on a towel to dry.


  • Aluminum Foil- This method takes the previous method to another level. Simply line a bowl with aluminum and follow the dish soap steps, but this time adding a tablespoon of baking soda and a tablespoon of salt. The aluminum helps to create an ionic condition that helps to clean metal



  • Toothpaste- When using this method, make sure to avoid tooth whitening pastes, as they may damage jewelry. Squeeze a small amount of mild toothpaste in a bowl and mix with a cup of warm water. Mix the two into a creamy paste. Use a toothbrush and apply the mixed up paste on the brush then scrub the jewelry with the diluted paste. Rinse with warm water.


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