If you are a savvy shopper, then chances are you have your few staple stores that you like to shop at. However, not many people have a repeat jeweler that they use. This is mistake number one. Maintaining the same silversmith, not only makes your life easier, but it guarantees that your pricey pieces are in safe, consistent hands. However, it stands to reason that it is just hard to pick out the right gemologist. Plus, there are so many options! I know that when I search for jewelry stores near me, I am looking for a clean, respectable, and ultimately, affordable jewelry shop. And I think I have finally found it.

Orlando Jewelers is all of that and more. They know their bling, and I trust them irrefutaby to clean and tailor my jewelry to perfection. So, what makes an exceptional jewelry store? Here’s a quick guide to choosing a great store:

Ask For Recommendations

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to find a great jewelry company. You are getting the recommendations from someone you know personally, and you can trust their judgement. If you have a sister or a friend that is notorious for their shiny bling, they will be a great place to start. They don’t need to know the fine details of what this jeweler does to give great service, but you will want to ask the standard questions. How much do typical pieces cost? How is their customer service? What hours are they available and can they be reached reliably by phone or email? Have you ever had a bad experience with this company?

A Great Jeweler Will Know Their Stuff

I don’t know a thing about jewelry. Do you? I know the basics of the different kinds of silvers and golds, and I have a vague idea of diamond carat hierarchy, but that’s about where my jewelry knowledge ends. You want to find a great horologist that knows their stuff. They will suggest which stone shape will look best, they can give you in-depth knowledge on different stone options (especially is they have a Graduate Gemologist). They can also clue you in on the appraisal process if you are looking to sell a piece of jewelry and can let you know the proper way to give your shiny accessories a long and glamorous life.

What’s Near You?

Another option is to ask for recommendations based off what is closest to you. After typing “jewelry stores near me” into Google, write down a list of potential stores you may want to check out.

Read the Reviews

You can ask people of the internet blindly for their references via Facebook, but asking someone face to face will give you a better idea of the quality of satisfaction these jewelry store silversmiths are putting out. Reading Google, Yelp, or Facebook reviews is also a plausible option; however, we all know that most people leave reviews only to vent about a poor experience. These are important to read, but do not rely heavily on this information.

You probably don’t buy jewelry often. Maybe once or twice a year? Even if that’s the case, typing in “jewelry stores near me” into Google only to purchase at different shops will only cause you more hassle than it should. Pick the right jeweler and stick with them. Read the reviews, ask for recommendation, and just make sure they know their stuff. If you want my recommendation, I suggest Orlando Jewelers. You can contact them here to answer all of your jewelry cut, carat, and clarity needs!