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So many details to consider when selecting Orlando loose diamonds. You could spend a lot of time, running around town, trying to get a feel for all of the options available before you decide. OR you could stop at Orlando Jewelers and peruse our wide selection of beautiful diamonds.

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You can find a high-quality, affordably-priced selection of diamonds at Orlando Jewelers. Despite the fact that these are the lowest-priced diamonds in Orlando, they are the highest quality diamonds around!  Orlando Jewelers is proud to carry a large variety of diamonds.

We have discount diamonds in every shape, size and color. So you can find the one that speaks to you.  Are you looking for an Orlando princess-cut loose diamond to set in an engagement ring? Orlando Jewelers has both the diamond and our trained jewelry specialists can set that diamond into a band for you!  The ring will be ready before you’ve even had a chance to propose!

Orlando Diamonds

Loose-cut Diamonds, Round Cut Diamonds & Emerald Diamonds

Other diamond shapes that may interest you include cushion-cut loose diamonds, round-cut loose diamonds, emerald-cut loose diamonds, and even asscher-cut loose diamonds.  Each of these cuts brings something unique and stunning to the table. For instance, the emerald-cut diamond will reflect light in a subdued way, much less brilliant than a round-cut diamond.  This may be more to your taste, and you may be drawn toward the long, smooth surface of the emerald-cut diamond.

Aside from the cut, you should also consider how large you want your diamond to be, and what color range you are aiming for. Orlando Jewelers has sizes, colors, and clarity to fit every budget.  You may also find Orlando round-cut diamonds with slight inclusions which would be invisible to the naked eye, for a price that is more within your budget. Find the loose diamond that fits your budget, at Orlando Jewelers.  If your goal is to set that diamond into a piece of jewelry, remember that Orlando Jewelers offers design-your-own Orlando custom jewelry, and can help you bring that piece of jewelry to life!