Custom engraving turns jewelry into heirlooms

The gift of stunning, sparkling jewelry is beautiful in its own right, but a custom engraving adds a special sentimentality that makes it a true keepsake to be cherished always. At Orlando Jewelers, our engraving experts handle all jewelry with meticulous care and engraving is done with sharp attention to detail. We strive to make every piece of jewelry or any other item that we engrave into heirlooms that will be treasured for a lifetime. Our integrity and high standards are evident throughout every step of the engraving process. 

Whether you choose to engrave the inside of an engagement ring, or the back of a sentimental pendant, our engravers take the utmost care to make your engraved message look beautiful. Engraved gifts have so much meaning, and we understand the importance of creating your heartfelt message so it has the best impact.  

“An engraved message adds a layer of emotion and also helps cement provenance for the owner,” 


Types of Jewelry We Personalize



Have the back of a watch engraved, and you’ll see what an impact your personalized message has the moment you give the watch to your beloved recipient.


Personalizing jewelry is the best way to make it truly special. We are experts in helping you create magical, memorable moments.


Bring your Own!

Bring us your well-loved jewelry or keepsake and we’ll engrave a sweet sentiment, or intimate message with significant meaning.

When we do your expert engraving, we’re committed to your total satisfaction. We know that your jewelry is being made into keepsakes that will have special meaning to you for years to come. We strive to do the best engraving work possible so you’ll be proud to show your friends and loved ones your customized engraved jewelry.

Orlando Jewelers is a family owned business serving the needs of Orlando area families for over 50 years. We take pride in every aspect of our business, including the best customized engraving service. Bring your sweetest sentiments to life and see what a difference expert engraving makes for your beautiful jewelry.