We all know that the engagement ring is a promise of marriage, but these last couple decades have birthed a new trend in rings- the promise ring. What is a promise ring? What do they signify? And What are reasons you would receive or bestow one? Promise rings have their own history in the U.S., and can signify different concepts. They are also beautiful pieces of jewelry to be purchased and gifted. If you are looking for “jewelry stores near me” in the Orlando area to buy a promise ring for your sweetheart, visit Orlando Jewelers today!


What is a Promise Ring?


A promise ring is commonly viewed as a ring that symbolises dedication towards a monogamous commitment to a partner. There are many different sorts of rings and a variety of reasons that somebody might where one, ranging from being a physical symbol of love, to the precursor of a future engagement ring. If you are thinking about purchasing or customizing a promise ring for your loved one and looking up “jewelry stores near me,” we at Orlando Jewelers provide these rings in a variety of shapes and styles, such as a plain band, a nontraditional swirl style, a band of colorful gemstones, an intricate ring of gold or silver, or his and hers matching promise rings. We can also help you engrave your promise onto the ring, personalizing the symbol of your affection.


The History of Promise Rings


The promise ring, though recently popularized in the media, has been circulating since ancient times. In the 2nd century BC Roman brides wore these rings as a symbol that they were promised in marriage, as the law required couples to wait a certain period of time from announcing an intention to marry before having the actual ceremony. Posy rings, which were rings with an engraving of a romantic poem or song, were trendy in English from the 15th to the 17th century as symbols of romantic devotion and affection. As a lasting trend rather than an ancient fad, these engraved rings are often commissioned today. Posy rings faded out in English society and were replaced by Acrostic rings through the Georgian and Victorian eras. Acrostic rings spell out a word like “love” in gemstones and were exchanged as a token of romance between couples. Rings and different types of jewelry have endured through time as a lasting promise of commitment, such as the mid-century American tradition of high school boys gifting their girlfriends their pin or class ring as a token that they were “going steady.”


Promise rings can signify pre-engagement, friendship, chastity, monogamy, or even a promise to oneself. In the 2000s, Disney celebrities like Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers have popularized these rings in the media as symbols of their commitment to purity and chastity (before Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas grew up and became sex symbols).


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No matter what the intention, promise rings can be a beautiful reminder of your dedication, whether it is romantic or personal. If you are looking for “jewelry stores near me” in the Orlando area to purchase a promise ring(s), contact Orlando Jewelers today!