Are you planning on asking the love of your life to marry you? Hopefully, you already thought of the perfect way to ask in a way you will both always remember. The more creative you are, the more of a lasting impression the proposal will have. An essential factor in this situation is choosing the perfect engagement ring that will impress everyone who glances at it. For an engagement, the last thing you want to do is be just like everyone else out there. You want to be different. This is why it is imperative you choose from unique engagement rings. At Orlando Jewelers we have exactly what you are looking for. We take pride in being one of the best jewelry stores in Orlando. Stop by and check out our selection of unique engagement rings. 

Dare To Be Different

When you think of an engagement ring, your mind will typically jump to the standard diamond and platinum ring. While this is a great option and very classic, it is so popular that almost every fiancé out there will be wearing it on their ring finger. Remember, not everyone yearns for the traditional engagement experience. You need to be different because your significant other is worth it. Think of this movement as brides not wanting to break the traditions of weddings, but rather them wanting to create their own personal traditions.

There is a new wave of individuals who are out there looking for something a little different, unique, and personal, yet they want the elegance and quality to remain unscathed. Because of this many jewelers are responding in a significant way. Many display counters in shops will showcase more varied, antique, and vintage rings of every taste and budget. One especially that the people of Florida can count on is Orlando Jewelers. We are one of the best jeweler stores near me.

Tips For Unique Engagement Rings

Your ring choice may not be basic, but it is still critical you follow all the proper steps, according to our experts. Time-tested advice holds true no matter the ring, stone or era:

  • Know your vendors.
    • Just like you wouldn’t buy a cheap car off the Internet without a test drive first, you don’t want to buy an engagement ring from someone untrustworthy.
  • Say no to pressure.
    • No reputable seller of rings will pressure you to make a sale before you are ready. If it feels uncomfortable, walk away.
  • Understand expectations.
    • Carat weight, a key consideration, still applies, even with other gemstones or unusual settings or materials. If your better half believes bigger is always better, then a speck of a gem isn’t going to cut it.

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When it comes to choosing from perfect unique engagement rings that will make a lasting impression, our jewelers have exactly what you need. Orlando Jewelers has the perfect choice your significant other will love and cherish for a lifetime. You will never need to search the phrase “best jewelry store near me.” Call or visit us today to see what options we have for you!