Getting married does not have to be a political or religious statement; it doesn’t have to be anything more than exchanging your vows and commitment to love in front of your family and friends. If you are a gentleman or a lady looking for the perfect wedding ring sets to commemorate your special day, then Orlando Jewelers is here to help narrow down your choices! In a search for “jewelers near me” you should be able to also find the most popular rings style for 2019. So here they are!

Check out these five incredible ring styles that will be so IN for 2019:

1. The Bypass

This Victorian era ring symbolizes two souls coming together as one. While this used to be the optimal choice for an engagement ring, it seems like a perfect for matching wedding ring sets, don’t you think? These are a great option if you and your partner are partial to simplistic or minimalist jewelry. It’s this reason in combination with its negative spacing advantages that have made this ring a popular choice today for many couples.

2. Yellow Gold Wedding Ring Sets

If you and your partner seem to be at a stalemate when it comes to picking out the right wedding ring material, then the yellow gold could be an agreeable option. White rose gold in particular has been a best seller at Orlando Jewelers and it is easy to see why! This reflective material exudes luxury and class, with subtle notes of various plated colors that entitles you to the best of both worlds.

3. The East West

This ring has become popular due to its originality in the stone placement. The diamond-shaped jewel sits horizontally on the band in juxtaposition to traditional placement which is seen vertically. The diamonds generate a dazzling effect, but it still holds notes of subtly so that the option isn’t too overbearing. Celebrities such as Portia de Rossi, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Kate Beckinsale have also been seen wearing the east-west style ring.

4. Pear and Oval Shaped Diamonds

If you have searched for jewelers near me then the results were surely accompanied by suggestions for the pear-shaped diamond wedding ring sets. These pristine and delicate bands are just the right combination of rare and elusive. Most sets are comprised of a simple band, with perhaps a few diamonds nestled at the base of a pear or oval shaped diamond the penetrates the center of the band. This style is sure to be the envy of anyone who catches the glimmer that this gem gives off.

5. Micro Pave Bands

Micro pave bands are one of the thinnest band options you can ask your jeweler for. The ultra-thin diamond bands make the stone the central focus, and only accentuates its overall beauty. This band is an option that is favored by younger generations and we anticipate that its popularity will only increase as we dive into 2019.

So stop searching for a “jeweler near me” and come visit us at Orlando Jewelers. We will help you and your partner pick out a flawless wedding band set in plenty of time before the Big Day.