How to Pick an Engagement Ring? Here is All You Need to Know

The engagement ring indicates that the person wearing it is engaged to someone. Most of the time, the guy gifts his future better half a ring to propose to her. It indicates the promise and commitment between two mutual who are going to get married. Love and loyalty between two people. It shows how the marriage bonds two strangers into a single relationship.

What Does the Shape of The Ring Indicate?

The shape of the ring is circular. A circle has no start or end; that’s why it’s considered the universal sign of undying and eternal love. It’s the symbol of completion and equality. It represents wholeness with no end or start.

Tips To Get an Engagement Ring

1. Quality and budget

Nowadays, the prices of precious metals like gold and platinum and precious stones like a diamond could cost a fortune. However, diamond rings are considered the most likable for engagement. They provide high quality and are extremely beautiful. So, in order to impress your fiancée, you have to buy her something unique and rare. After all, it’s not a regular purchase. You can purchase or order these rings from online stores as they usually give big discounts to their customers compared to physical stores. Also, they don’t have to hire a staff or spend a lot on their virtual maintenance. Thus, buying it from an online store will save you a handsome amount.

2.    Pre-Planning

Choosing the engagement ring is very time-consuming. You have to consider multiple factors before ordering your desired ring. And also, if you’re done choosing your design, the making and customization of the ring by the jeweler can easily take up to 4 weeks. So, in order to escape the rush and anxiety relating to the Engagement ring, you should start early planning all these things out. Some designs of the engagement rings can even take up to 6 weeks for customization and modifications. Therefore, the couple should start early deciding this stuff; otherwise, you won’t be able to get the ‘perfect ring’ for your spouse, and you have to go with your second-best option. Another solution for this problem is choosing a design from the online store and ordering a ready-made ring.

3.    Selection of Design for The Engagement Ring

There are multiple designs and styles you can choose depending upon your budget and choice. I’ve mentioned some of the most famous designs below.


It’s the most classical and traditional design of the ring. This design consists of only one stone. In this kind of design, a diamond as a stone is more preferable. This is because this design resonance the beauty of the diamond. Despite that, this design never goes out of fashion.


This design consists of many stones. This helps in creating an effect of a large stone. Consequently, these designs maximize the shine of the stones. It makes a very beautiful look. Surprisingly, this design is pretty affordable and liked by the majority. It comes with multiple, providing the customer a wide range.


Pavé’s setting consists of embedding a row of tiny gems into the band of the ring. It creates a very sparkly look at the ring. Embedding your partner’s childbirth stones can help to create a more beautiful and creative look for the ring. This pavé gives a stunning feminine look, and it’s perfect for your spouse to be.


This design is also one of the most pop designs. It’s traditional and exquisite. In this design, the metal is shaped in a way such that it supports the gem. When this setting experiments with a pavé set, it highly resonances with the sparkle of the gemstone used in the ring. This style is unique and likable by the majority.


This is also a brilliant choice for the engagement ring. This setting makes bright sparkles with the central gem. A row of tiny gems embedded in the pavé setting around the central stone gives a beautiful look. The halo stones reflect light onto the center. It’s designed in such a way that it makes the central stone look larger than usual. Stones like Rubby, pink diamond, and sapphire, etc., look extremely beautiful in this design.

*Oval Halo

An upgrade of the previous Halo setting, the oval halo maximizes the size of the stone. It consists of a gem-shaped in oval-elongated cuts. This shape makes the stone bigger than the usual stone of the same carat weight. It also gives luminous sparkles. It adds to the width of the ring, which consequently makes it look bigger. Despite that, it provides a feminine and vintage look.


It’s the most secure setting for an engagement ring. The stone is held in place with the help of metal borders. This automatically lessens the risk of the gem getting any type of scratch or falling out of the ring band. Although it’s expensive, it’s really good for a long-run engagement ring because of its protection. Also, it has no claws, giving it an advantage over other settings as it won’t need any kind of tightening in the future. Although due to its protective settings, the stone integrated into the ring gives off less light, making it look smaller.

*Three Stone Style

It’s also called s ‘trilogy style’. It’s one of the most romantic choices chosen by the buyer as this ring gives a symbolic message. The three stones embedded in the ring symbolizes the Past, Present, and Future. This trilogy setting provides a wide variety to the buyers. The most common design in this setting has a large central stone alongside two smaller stones. People also prefer having all the stones of the same size. This setting is deeply meaningful and beautiful.

*Double Diamond Style

This design came back to trend recently, thanks to celebrities and media influencers. It’s also symbolic. The two diamonds symbolize the partner and you. And as these diamonds are joined together, it symbolizes that you and your lover are bonded with each other for an eternity. The buyers prefer two same-sized stones with the same or different contrasts. The combinations of the shapes of the stone which are more liked are ‘square-pear’ and ’round-trillion.’

*Eternity band

This design also gives a beautiful symbolic meaning. It symbolizes the ever-lasting love by its design. It’s made from the unbroken chain of the diamond. Different gems can be integrated into the band with different settings like pavé or French set.

Choosing The Material of Your Ring

Choosing the metal for your ring band is also one of the main problems faced by couples. But don’t worry, I will mention the most famous metals for your desired ring!

1. Yellow Gold

Yellow gold is said to be the most famous metal chosen for engagement rings. Not only it’s extremely beautiful in appearance, but also it won’t ever get rust on its body. It also comes in an affordable price range. However, impurities are added to the gold while making the ring to make its proportion less than 75% in the ring band. This is done in order to increase the strength of the ring.

2. Silver

Silver is your perfect choice if you’re looking for a metal in a low price range. However, silver is a soft metal and gets scratches over its body easily compared to other metals, but this problem can be solved by the regular polishing of the metal. Sterling silver (an alloy of silver) is used in the engagement Bands. Silver oxidizes with the flow of time; thus, it’s the least preferable metal for an engagement ring.

3. Platinum

Platinum metal comes in a price range that is higher compared to gold and silver. It comes with a lustrous white shine over its body which gives it an elegant look in the ring structure. The reason why it’s expensive is that it’s more difficult to craft into a ring structure due to its hardness. Platinum also provides great resistance to scratches and rust.

4. White Gold

As platinum is considered really expensive and most of the time it’s out of budget for many people, this modern white metal called ‘white gold’ solves this problem. It has a lustrous white surface just like platinum and gives an elegant look. It comes in an affordable price range. It consists of plating of rhodium. However, this plating wears off with time and requires regular polishing.


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