Our repair specialists at Orlando Jewelers offer on-site jewelry repair while you wait. When you trust your jewelry to Orlando Jewelers, you are trusting true experts and masters in the art of jewelry making and repair. 


We adhere to the same principles we use in all of our dealings with our family of customers.  When you bring your valued jewelry to Orlando Jewelers for an honest appraisal, you get personalized, expert service using state-of-the-art appraisal methods.

Custom Jewerly

Whatever drives you to want a custom piece of jewelry, with Orlando Jewelers; you have the opportunity to turn your vision into a custom-made, one-of-a-kind piece that you can hold in your hand; wear around your neck, finger, or wrist.  

Sell your Jewerly

We see the potential in your unwanted and forgotten gold. When you deal with us, you can get a great return on items that would’ve wasted away in your closet or dresser.  Orlando Jewelers pays the highest prices for your unwanted gold – GUARANTEED!


Browse the extensive variety of discount wholesale jewelry significantly reduced prices. You won’t go back to paying retail prices again! Our helpful staff is happy to show you the latest in our vast selection of Orlando wholesale diamonds, watches, and jewelry.

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Engagement Rings

Find the perfect ring that symbolizes your LOVE STORY. With our exquisite collection of Engagement Rings you will embrace the beginning of your Forever LOVE STORY today. Cheers to LOVE.

Bridal Jewelry

Celebrate your FOREVER JOURNEY in fully refined, exquisite, and modern pieces. The perfect Bridal Jewelry that adds the finishing touch to your special day is a REFLECTION OF YOU.

Special Gifts

The ideal touch of GLITZ; jewelry has the ability to bring out fascinating personality traits of our special ones. Make it a GIFT FOR ALL.

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