Orlando Jewelry Repair

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Whether you need to replace a gemstone in a necklace or ring, or repair your grandfather’s watch, Orlando Jewelers has everything you need! Our repair specialists at Orlando Jewelers offer on-site jewelry repair while you wait. When you trust your jewelry to Orlando Jewelers, you are trusting true experts and masters in the art of jewelry making and repair. 

How can Orlando Jewelers offer such dependable and diverse jewelry repair services?  It’s because we have everything needed to build a unique jewelry pieces from scratch. We offer custom jewelry design, by expertly trained and experienced staff. For expert watch repair, Orlando Jewelers is the top choice in Orlando.

Ring Soldering

Soldering a ring has many benefits. This is a process by which two rings are brought together by using another metal with a lower melting point. This preserves the two original rings and still allows them to be joined together. Many wonder why they should bother to solder rings together, but the main benefits come when you consider an engagement ring and a wedding band.

Those who are recently married probably do not yet see why their engagement ring and their wedding band will need to be soldered. However, after many years they can see real damage from the friction of their engagement ring and wedding band rubbing together. When you choose to have your rings soldered, you avoid having any of this damage, you get a more comfortable fit, and you have two rings that match up perfectly.

Eyeglass Repair

When it comes to glasses, no job is too small. If you’ve cracked or broken your metal frames, it is great to know that Orlando Jewelers can precision welded most metal eyeglass frames to preserve the integrity of the frames. Our expert craftsmen will ensure that the welds are smoothed down in order to blend as seamlessly as possible with the frame.

Another benefit of choosing Orlando Jewelers for your eyeglasses is that we offer same day eyewear repair! No appointments are needed, our walk-in repairs and same day service is available for most repairs. All soldering work is guaranteed to hold for the life of the frame. It is very important to us and our customers that the quality of our solders last. Trust in our experience to help you obtain a high-quality glasses repair job.

If you need jewelry repairs in Orlando, trust Orlando Jewelers to be your resource. Call Orlando Jewelers today at (407) 894-7814 or drop by the store to see just how soon you can be wearing that special piece again!

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