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Orlando jewelers is your local Orlando gold & jewelry buyers. Many people have extra precious metals or diamonds they never think about—and never use.  Most likely, it’s that jewelry box full of chains and rings that were passed down or bought and eventually forgotten.

We see the potential in your unwanted and forgotten gold. When you deal with us, you can get a great return on items that would’ve wasted away in your closet or dresser.  Orlando Jewelers pays the highest prices for your unwanted gold – GUARANTEED!

Perhaps it’s not just a box of old necklaces that you’re selling. It could be that you’re helping to settle someone’s estate or you are downsizing your own. In this situation, don’t let that box collect dust when you could be collecting cash! Turn your unwanted gold scraps and jewelry into cash, stop by Orlando Jewelers today.

Sell or Trade

Types of Valuables We Buy

Gold, Silver, or Platinum

Orlando Jewelers is the #1 Orlando gold, silver and platinum buyer paying top dollar for your valuables.

Old or Broken Jewelry

When it comes to old or broken jewelry, you have two choices: We can repair it, or appraise it and make you a cash offer.

Loose Diamonds

If you are looking to sell loose diamonds, our experts can give you the most authentic and fairest price.

Luxury Watches

When you sell your watch to us, you enjoy a quick, honest, and transparent offer based on real-time market rates.

Coin Collection

Have you stumble upon a valuable gold coin collection? Bring them to Orlando Jewelers to see what they’re worth.


There’s no reason to stuff it away in the attic, where it will go unseen and unappreciated for decades. Come to your Orlando gold & jewelry buyers.

Dental Gold

Are you trading in your dental gold for a more natural look? Don’t let good gold go to waste. Bring us your dental gold!

Regardless of your situation, Orlando Jewelers will evaluate the worth of your jewelry fairly.  You have the opportunity to sell your scrap gold or broken jewelry and turn it into spendable cash!  Give us a call at (407) 894-7814 or stop by the store to see what your jewelry is worth.

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