8 Diamond Alternatives for Your Engagement Ring

Diamonds are considered the most classic stone for engagement rings, however there are diamond alternatives. Its resistance towards pressure, weather ad any other kind of other damage makes it distinctive. Besides that, its unparalleled beauty makes it a perfect choice for engagement rings. But, due to these distinctions over other stones, it comes at an extortionate price. Fortunately, there are multiple alternatives for an affordable diamond. Diamond alternatives like white sapphireruby, and moissanite not only look magnificent for their cost but are extremely popular among the audience.

A person also has to consider his budget. Diamond alternatives surprisingly don’t compromise on the beauty of an engagement ring, and they meet the affordable price factor. We have mentioned some of the best diamond alternatives for your engagement ring. Read the whole article and, by the end of this article, you will be able to choose a perfect engagement ring stone as per the best recommendation of Orlando Jewelers for your spouse.

Know Your Top Consideration Before Buying Diamond Alternatives

Before going for diamond alternatives, you have to know your consideration. Diamond is very versatile when it comes to variety, and it matches almost every outfit. While on the other hand, not all diamond alternatives fit in the everyday routine. You should go for that gemstone that has the durability to satisfy your daily life routine. Some stones are very delicate, and you have to take extra care of them to save them from any sort of damage. To ensure perfection in your gemstone choice, discuss it with your jeweler.

You should also pre-decide the color for your gemstone as they come in a wide variety. Ensure that you get that color that you love the most and won’t get tired in the future, as many of the colored stones are not versatile.

In the end, it’s a precious gift for your spouse, and you can’t afford to disappoint them, especially.

1. Advantages of Choosing Diamond Alternatives

The significant advantage of diamond alternatives is their affordable price range. You can get a gemstone at a low price and, it will speak volumes. It depends on the quality and species of your decided stone.

Despite that, another advantage of a diamond alternative is their quality of being peerless. You can have a unique engagement ring that is peculiar to traditional engagement rings. Consequently, it will stand out more.

Choosing a diamond alternative is also more fun. You can have a variety in your jewelry with different colored rings. Studies have shown that bold and bright colors get more attention than others. So, you can impress everyone who sees your beautiful gemstone.

2. Disadvantages of Choosing Diamond Alternatives

Diamonds are factually the hardest stone found on Earth. That’s why it is more expensive than other stones. Therefore, the biggest con of diamond alternatives is that they cannot be as seriously damage-resistant as diamonds. They cannot be as durable as a diamond to meet daily wear and tear criteria. For example, stones like pearls are very soft and can get damaged easily.

Despite that, many people don’t like off-traditional stones. They prefer traditional diamond rings over their alternatives.

Best Diamond Alternatives In 2021

We have mentioned the best trendy stones other than diamonds in this article. Learn more about these diamond alternatives in the below article.

1. Moissanite

The Moissanite stone was discovered in 1893 by a French scientist named Henri Moissan. This discovery made him win a Nobel prize too. Moissanite is unarguably the most famous diamond alternative. It is because of its high resemblance to diamond. They factually are the second hardest stone behind diamonds at they come at 0.5 on the Mohs scale. It is very versatile due to its white and transparent appearance. It also provides shiny sparkles that are hard to get, even in high-quality diamonds. Despite that, it comes in a very convenient price range. It is highly durable and resistant to damages. It is a perfect choice for a long-term run as it copes with the daily wear and tear routine. The fact that they are cultivated in labs makes them a more sustainable choice than many diamonds. This stone looks significant on its own in the solitaire setting.

2. Sapphire

It was not until the 20th century when diamonds became the most famous stone for engagement rings. Before that, sapphire ruled over the world as the most famous engagement ring stone. Besides its classical royal blue color, sapphire has a wide range of colors like peach, pink, teal, yellow and white. They are also among the world’s best naturally occurring durable stones list by coming at 9 on the Mohs scale. The unappalled beauty of sapphire makes it one of the best diamond alternatives.

3. Aquamarine

Aquamarine means ‘the water of the sea’ Its elegant pale blue color immediately attracts the attention of our eyes. They are loved for their beautiful shade of blue with exceptional lucidity and look stunning in many engagement ring settings! They belong to the beryl family that also includes gems like emeralds and morganites. The hardness rating of aquamarine comes in between 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale. Thus, stones like diamonds and sapphire can scratch them. To ensure its durability, you need to keep them away from your other pieces of jewelry. They may need to be polished over the years. The untreated natural aquamarine is more durable compared to those who are treated. They might be slightly expensive, but they are worth the price.

4. Morganite

Morganite also belongs to the same family as aquamarine. Thus, they both have an approximate 7.5 hardness rating. It means it’s fairly durable, but it should be treated more delicately than diamonds. The light pinkish feminine color of morganite makes it very peculiar and eye-catching. The shades of morganite can range from orange to coral to salmon to a subtle pink, but light peachy pink is the most common. It is one of the in-trend diamond alternatives for engagement rings. Its light pink color makes it more versatile compared to sapphire. Morganite looks fascinating when it’s embedded in rose gold as both of them complement each other.

5. Emerald

Emerald has a vast history. It is one of the rarest stones. It is said that emerald has some abilities like foreseeing the future, curing diseases, and resistance towards evil. Emerald comes in a greenish shade range. They are considered the classical choice for the engagement ring. They are also enlisted in the best diamond alternatives list. They also come in a variety of shape ranges that can be customized in your dream ring fit. Their hardness I approximately equivalent to morganite and aquamarine that is at 7.5 on the Mohs scale. Therefore, they provide fair durability for the buyer but, they should be treated delicately. The users mostly like the deep green colored emerald that shows a beautiful and appealing transparent appearance.

6. Ruby

With a significant appearance of a red-pinkish shade, ruby is considered to be a great diamond alternative. They have been valued for their elegance for centuries. As the red color is associated with love, Ruby is an excellent choice for engagement rings. They manage to be classical and eye-catching at the same time. They come in hues, ranging from deep pink to red. They make a beautiful contrast with yellow and white metal. They are more durable compared to emerald, morganite, aquamarine, and sapphire. That’s it doesn’t come at a lower price than these other colored stones. They are priced higher than other colored gems. Choosing eye-clean and deep red colors in rubies will be an efficient choice for engagement rings.

7. Opal

If you are looking for a more vintage and classical look, opal is unarguably the best choice for you. They come in a milky white appearance with marvelous iridescence. These characteristics make them have a very bewitching look. Opals are also very versatile due to their off-white contrast. However, opals are not very durable because of their softness. They might even get scratched over their body and change their color with the flow of time. Thus, it is not considered the best choice for engagement rings.

8. Amethyst

Vibrant amethysts come in a hue, ranging from deep purple to the palest shades of pastel lavender. They even come in pink shades. But the most liked shade is its bold, strong reddish-purple shade. Despite that, the lavender hues look significant when they are complemented by a diamond accent. Although it is not as hard as other colored gems with & score on the Mohs scale, it can still be used in the engagement ring settings by treating it more carefully. Most of them have excellent transparency and are available in a variety of cuts and shapes.

Final Thoughts

We have mentioned the best diamond alternatives according to our intense research. These all stones are extremely popular all over the world. Get yourself the one that meets your budget, and most importantly, that can go for a long run. As these engagement rings are one time gift, go for the best option.

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